Educational and Career counseling in Pakistan

Education and career plays a pivotal role in course of one’s professional as well as social life. If students’ education commensurate with his aspirations and abilities, he/she face lesser degree of frustrations and anxieties and exhibit greater degree of performance and achievement.
In most of the developing countries like Pakistan the literacy rate is low and the available educational and career options are limited. The most obvious focus of education is the well paying job so parent forces their children to choose the field they decide for them.


Educational and career counseling is a widely used concept in many of the developed countries, they have counseling facilities to guide students and professionals but unfortunately it is not very well recognized concept in Pakistan, one of the reason is many prevailing factors in Pakistan like political unrest inflation and law and order situation doesn’t allow people to focus of these kinds of issues and also lack of awareness, but still there are few universities who offers counseling to their students, but it should be available as facility for all.

Educational counseling is a new concept in Pakistan that is essential for better allocation of the human resources, thorough education counseling, the student is guided to the institution that suits him best according to his qualification. Pakistani public is becoming increasingly aware of the importance of higher education for their career and future well being. But due to a limited number of universities in the country and fewer seats available in them, and lot many young people fail to achieve their goals with the result that lot of precious talent is wasted every year.


Human Resource Consultancy

Every company needs the human resource and for this reason the human resource consultant is very much needed. But in reality, for finding the HR consultant is a daunting task. So in this direction, you have to select the best HR consultant through the extensive hunting. Moreover, you have to follow some tips for getting the right consultant for any department for your company. So for the hunting about HR consultants Pakistan, you have to look for the professional who have a senior level certification from the authority.
If you hire the senior-level certified professional for your company’s any segment, then you will able to get the total professionalism from him or her. Actually, the professional will provide the best state-of-art HR innovation for your company as well. Again, you like to get the foolproof conviction about the professional experience of the HR profession, and then you have to check his or her working experience from other sources. In the HR consultancy, the best professional will guide their clients in the right direction for maintaining the integrity of the manpower in the company.
Since, the human resource segment in any company has held an important role in the development of the company itself. It is a good move to select the right human resource professional from the published ones from your surroundings. Because, the most of the cases you will get the best one from it. When you are hiring the human resource consultant for your company, you should find that the professional has an expertise in one of the human resource segments. So it will help your company to get the specialize treatment for your company’s human resource.
Another point you can look for the HR professional through the client’s preference. As it is observed that they will provide you better information about the best HR professional in the human resource circle. Moreover, the functions of the human resource depend on the various HR fields like Employment Outsource, BPO, Job Portal Service and recruitment. According to your company domain, you can select more precisely the HR consultant for your needs. So in this matter, you can get the help from your acquaintances who will give you some important information about the HR consultant in your area. When you are looking for the HR consultancy jobs in your locality, it is better to avoid for discussing your consultancy plan with your peers as well. – See more at: -human-resource-consultancy-in-Pakistan.


Business Process Outsource

The continued growth of the Business Process Outsource market and some of the areas where BPOs and solution providers may look to innovate.

There are two further significant issues that I believe will become increasingly important.

Shortening the time to ROI is a key focus of BPO customers, but a related issue that still needs to be resolved is: what will be the ‘best practice’ for achieving not just short term ROI, but also the best long-term approach?

There are many approaches out there, and the debate between BPA (Business Process Automation) versus BPM (Business Process Management) and Business Process Outsource is central to this. How should these approaches best be intertwined? Are customers prepared to outsource whole processes or is “by-pass” process outsourcing solution the way forward? How do you define the differences between them or do you use other terms, too? I think these will be big questions in the BPO market in the next few years. Ideally they will be solved through closer relationships between BPO providers and their customers.

On the BPA v BPM v BPO discussion, we have added a post here defining these terms as we see them.

Finally, I strongly believe that the need for distributed processing is increasing, and will become an important factor for BPOs. This of course means reducing the cost of logistics; for example, moving paper by courier needs to be removed and of course the time it takes to move it. This also means for me including the end customer in the process for tasks such as exception handling, in an audited way without system-breaks. Distributed processing can have some significant benefits in terms of ROI and time-to-market discussions.

This will potentially have a huge impact on BPO providers, as they will need to consider all of the keys to successfully and efficiently processing in a distributed environment. Data protection issues when operating in the cloud, minimizing logistics costs, maximizing linguistic skills, unique local regulations, and the need to include end customers are just some factors that come to mind.

So, while we can expect growth and expansion in the BPO market in coming years, constant change and improvement is a theme I expect to continue and eventually drive further growth.

What other things do you expect will happen in the Business Process Outsource market in the next few years? Do you agree with my thoughts? I’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas … so please feel free to comment below.



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Top 6 things not to do in your job search

Since there are plenty of obstacles standing in your way to a new job, it’s imperative to hone your approach. See if you’re making any of these job-hunting mistakes and fix them before it’s too late:

1. Not proofreading your résumé
The quality of your résumé is what forms most potential employers’ first impression of you and opens the door to job interviews. So it’s important to make sure it’s perfect. Whether you create one on your own or have it professionally prepared is up to you — just be sure it is 100 percent error-free.

In addition to making the paper version of your résumé perfect, make sure the one you send via email delivers without any messed up formatting or funny breaks. To create a version of your résumé that can be embedded in the body of an email, remove all current formatting by opening your résumé and saving it as a plain text (.txt) file — and remember to click on the box that says “insert line breaks.” Then, reopen it with the Notepad program. Be sure that all of the text is flush with the left-hand side of the document, and ensure that you have used only clear, easy-to-read fonts. Save that version and you’re done. Email it to yourself to review what it actually looks like when it arrives.

2. Becoming discouraged
Searching for a job can be difficult and lonely. You may interview with dozens of companies, never to hear from them again, and you may experience many unreturned phone calls as well. In the midst of all this adversity, it’s important to maintain a positive attitude and an upbeat outlook. Becoming discouraged only works against you.

If you’re currently unemployed, you probably have some free time on your hands. Spend a portion of it to keep your attitude and outlook healthy. Stay in shape, stay connected to friends (and join networking groups), or learn new skills to add to your résumé. These types of activities can keep you motivated and reduce the amount of time you have to become discouraged.

3. Telling the whole world you’re looking for work
This is especially true if you’re currently employed. If your boss finds out that you’re thinking about leaving, he could potentially speed up the process by giving you the boot. The last thing you want is to lose your current position before you’ve found a new one. Keep your job search to yourself.

4. Using a singular strategy
If you want to find a job quickly, search for leads in every way possible. For instance, 36 million people used social media to find a job in 2011. If you’ve been ignoring that avenue, start checking sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn regularly for job announcements. Checking job boards is also a good idea, but if you’re intent on working for a particular company, consider showing up in person. You may not land a job interview, but you’ll at least get your face in front of someone, which could lead to an opportunity down the road.


Employment Outsource

There is a great chance that you own a computer or any other piece of electronic equipment. There is also a great chance that you ran into some problems with these devices and called the manufacturer for technical support. There is a good chance that the technical support you called is located thousands of miles away from the company in another and within a country.

This is called outsourcing. Companies today are now considering outsourcing their jobs in other countries, such as the Philippines, Mexico, India, Pakistan and China because of cheap labor. The reason why outsourcing is very popular among companies today is because of cheap labor, quality services and it allows the company to focus more on important factors involved in letting the company grow.

Help desks, and technical support services aren’t the only outsourced jobs today. Now, companies are also outsourcing their payrolls, their business process, data entries, human resources, records/files, salary & benefits management, promotions and increments, regulatory & statutory requirements and all disciplinary & performance management matters and a lot more. Because of the growing competitiveness of other countries in the information technology, outsourcing companies are now widely available.

Here are some of the advantages of outsourcing services and the reason why companies are considering outsourcing their jobs:

•Lower personnel costs
•Allow the company to focus on more important factors
•Free up space in the company building for other important uses
•Increase productivity
•Effectively manage the jobs of a company
•Reduce cash flow
•Free up management time
•Increased company efficiency

However, if your target is cheap labor, you can definitely consider outsourcing. But you have to make sure that the quality of the services of an outsourcing company should be at par with your standards. For example, if you need a call center to be outsourced, you have to make sure that the employees of the call center company should be competent and qualified to get the job done. You should also consider the fact that they should be able to speak fluent English with an accent that is easy to understand.

Outsourcing has a lot of benefits that your company can take advantage of. However, before you outsource, you should first weigh the advantages and disadvantages and know whether outsourcing is for you.

If you want to provide jobs for your countrymen, then you shouldn’t consider outsourcing or you should consider outsourcing your company’s jobs to local outsourcing companies.

These are some of the things you should consider when you plan on outsourcing. You have to keep in mind that there are a lot of advantages as well as disadvantages in outsourcing. You have to be able to weigh it in order to arrive at a good decision in whether you want to outsource or not.

Soft Skills Training

For every employee or an working person in any sector or a business, few basic things are required apart from the educational degrees and technical skills. That is none other than proper Communications skills (interaction), Intervention skills and Team Building. these are requirement from an employee to a CEO of the any organisation among any industry. So as to get all these proper guidance, one must get Soft Skills Training,  which is one of the essential part of any Professional training.Image

Many of the professionals believe that Soft Skills Training is just part of Management Programs or for Sales and Marketing people, but it actually plays great role in the proper all-round development of any business or industrial growth.

Today, as the new and global business etiquettes are adopted and influenced by the most management sources. Hence, it is now included to guide in each and every trainings for any employee. The characteristics of a person in respect to their communication and interpersonal skills are Soft skills. It includes an individual’s particularly work habits. A sum up of many qualities includes these skills more to make the firm more quality with perfect work in order to get reliable output as rewards.

Communication Skills:

A pleasing way of exchanging the ideas is fundamental in every business, so to get success you must need the cooperation of your employees in terms of interaction with your clients and customers. But it can become diplomatic if the people working for you won’t be able to express the concepts precisely with each other and with the customers. Hence, interaction is must which can go on qualified heights- Communication Skills training is vital. It gives the proper training to use or convey perfect words and phrases at proper situation with respect of correct time accurately. In addition to these skills, it is more important to learn, the framing of the most convincing statements or conversational approaches.

Negotiation skills:

Most of the professionals consider negotiation as a part of the communications skills, but it is such an important which it warrants its own category. In that sense, some would think that this skill is only required by sales people, but that is not actually right. Among or in any section in any company, the employees of any company always need to know and learn about the negotiations skills in having good interaction and communication with their co-workers or any other people. Thus, it is necessary to improve these skills in your company’s employee so that I would be easily able to achieve their targets.

Hand -in- Hand Development ie. Team Building:

Few of the Employers have this intention in their mind that a building of the good team, is a great relations, true help and great bonded support to each other by each other. Also, in this case employees spend good time and help each other to complete the work even with great  groupism and joyful feeling. This kind of training is necessary to help things get done fast and effectively within your office. Because if your employees do not have team spirit, they would always be thinking that they are in contention with the next guy for anything that is job related. They should learn the necessity of working as a team so you can all reach your business goals.

However there are many other training which must be done with this basic and important skills. Soft Skills is the core skill which would be a part of all the training, in real it will improve the behaviour and relations in your life too. One should consider these as an investment for your business. Because when you invest in your people, you are also investing in your success.

Job portal in Pakistan

Time is of great significance when you are seeking to fill up urgent vacancies. To make things go on the fast track, companies often post their openings on job portals assuming they can source quality resumes conveniently and quickly. However, if you select the right portal, you get lots of other benefits as well.

Here are five traits you should look in for in a job portal in Pakistan.

1. Specific job search facility.

You posted about your vacancy on the portal and have discovered the ideal candidate. He has the skills, the qualifications and the experience needed for the job. There is just one string attached. Your ideal candidate is not willing to relocate to the city of your company. So, you are back to square one.  let this happen to you. Choose a portal that gives potential employees the option to pick jobs by location. This way you get applications of those who are genuinely interested and are completely eligible for the opening.

2. Bulky databank.

Try to find out which all companies are registered with the portal. You can find this information in the jobs by company section. Screen out those that are similar to your organization. Chances are you may find your competitors there as well. Know which type of companies make the biggest chunk – Whether the portal is more known for IT jobs, fresher jobs or finance and Marketing Jobs.

3. Wide reach.

IT companies typically have a high attrition rate across all positions. If your company too requires new candidate to fill up the positions, look for a portal that features jobs for a variety of profiles. You can get this information in their jobs by category section.

4. Professional services.

You definitely want the job board to simply direct the resumes to you. Choose a job portal that screens the resumes before sending it to you. This way you will save on time and the frustration of going through irrelevant applications.

5. Exclusivity.

Look in for job boards that can showcase your vacancies differently from the rest. To do this portals provide jobs by company section. All the openings in your company will be exclusively presented here. This distinguishes your stand and attracts attention from job seekers. Conversely, if you want job vacancies in your company to go public, you can simply choose to access their database and approach candidates without revealing your company’s identity on the portal.

Try to find out Our job portals that allow free job posting. This way you save the huge fees of the recruitment agencies which you would be otherwise required to pay.


Executive Search Firm

Basically, an executive search firm is a professional company dedicated to headhunt or hire professionals as resource in leading organizations or companies. It specializes in assessing the true value of the prospective candidate for the desired position. It has been frequently observed that a company plans to recruit the top-level and management executives for expansion by considering qualification, experience and expertise. Most of the companies don’t find enough time and flexibility in searching and sorting candidates, handling their interviews, work on references and other methods involved in the recruitment of employees. That’s why they prefer to take the help of an executive recruiter.

Executive search firm focuses on to initiate a search by taking into consideration the list of criteria specified by the hiring company. It invests a significant amount of time in understanding and determining what exactly the clients are looking for. This seems to be one of the major intentions of the executive Search Firm in Pakistan who want to find the most suitable candidate for ensuring their clients hundred percent satisfaction. It is the sole responsibility of an executive recruiting agency to fill up the vacant positions with the candidates exceeding client’s expectations. However, it is necessary to ask a few questions before hiring an executive search firm. Let’s have a quick look at them.

If you are looking to select the best amongst executive headhunters in Pakistan, checking their credibility and references is highly commended. The reference will include candidates, former clients, and the professional like

What You Need To Ask The Executive Searchers:

1. Who will handle the executive search work for you?
2. How many executive searches has the firm succeeded in?
3. Does the recruitment firm manage the search process on its own or use any third party for the job?
4. Does the client list of the executive search firm include clients from your related industry so that you can have more qualifying candidates?
5. Is the search firm presently serving a company like yours and it could affect your chance of finding the best possible candidates for your vacant positions?

What to Ask References of the Executive Search Firm:
1. Was the quantity and quality of candidates presented to the client satisfactory?
2. Did you get results on time?
3. How professional, convenient, and fast was the recruiting agency to work with? Would
you like to work with the agency again?
4. How responsible and focused was the executive search firm to your requirements or situations?
5. If its candidate search went beyond the time limit, did the recruiting agency remain sincere even after the payment was made?

A quality executive search firm is committed to find candidates by making a thorough research for each client individually rather than picking up them from a resume database. However, the firms highlighting their search capability and resources too strongly may not be making serious research to find out the best possible candidates from the new available means.


Jobs Search Online

With the unemployment rate on the rise and the price for every items increasing, finding a way to make ends meet is becoming increasingly difficult. The International Labour Organizing reported more than 197 million people globally are out of work in 2012. That is approximately 6% of the world’s workforce without a viable means of income.

Finding a real job in today’s economy just became as easy as pushing a button.

If you are looking for a real job whether that may be a part time job, full time job, summer job, or a work at home job then the first thing you need to do is to believe that you can get a job. Without that positive mentality, then every job that you apply for and don’t get will just drag your moral down and discourage you.

Once you have that positive mindset, then you need to be ready to search for a job. I’ve taking the liberty to post a few job sites to the side to help with your search.

Applying for a job can always seem like a hectic and confusing process. So in order to take a little bit of confusion out of it, I’ve developed a few simple guidelines to help you on your way.

First- you need to have a resume ready. A resume is a document that gives employers facts about you and you experiences such as special skills, achievements and education. You could be the most talented person in the world and possess the experience to perfectly fill a job but if your resume does not catch employers’ attention, then you will never get a chance to prove it or be noticed. Asides from poor spelling and grammar the biggest mistake that people make when writing resumes is that they actually re-write the job description their applying for. Employers don’t want to know what the job description is. They want to know what qualifies you for the job. To learn how to write a proper job description you have to think about what you can do for your employer.

Once you have your resume set up or even if you don’t have a resume ready, then what you need to do to get your name out there. Most people are not lucky enough to have a job land right on their lap. If they are then that’s great, as for the rest of us, we need to do some leg work. Sure we could go out and find different places that are hiring but chances are we won’t be running into that many job opportunities. We need to expand our horizon and look for jobs that we wouldn’t normally find just by taking a stroll down our neighborhood. The best way to do that is by searching online and putting you r name out there. I have put together a list of top search engines that makes putting your name out there and finding a job easy. have thousands of jobs listings. Jobs search can be saved as email alerts so new jobs can be delivered constantly.

If you know what you are looking for, then simply will help for you. Even if you are not sure what you want, you can search by category or browse by job title, company or location. Simply gives you data about local job market as well your area’s employment.

Esquare (Pvt) Ltd lists jobs from hourly jobs to jobs that you provide you with a career. Once you have your resume set up, Esquare (Pvt) Ltd allows you to post it up as well as give you career advice and company and salary information.

Using Simply will greatly increase your chance of finding a job. Since these sites pull their job listing from different sources, using more than one will provide you with a better opportunity.