Outsource Exit Interview Process to the Ideal One

Outsource Exit Interview Process to the Ideal One

Does your company’s employee separation policy include exit interview?

Exit interviews are an efficient tool for understanding the reasons behind employees leaving the organization. When used intelligently to interview a number of exiting employees, it can province invaluable information on what are the common reasons behind employees separating from the organization. However, a company can benefit from its efficiency only when the exit interview is carried out at the right time as when asked all the right questions.

HR community has long known the benefits of conducting exit interviews. But with huge amount of deliverables, HR personnels find it hard to give un-wavered focus on it. Even if they do, they face challenges in conducting it in an effective manner. The interviews may not turn out as productive as expected due to challenges like risks of biasness in the interviewer, uncooperativeness and discomfort in giving honest feedback by employee.

Given the time crunch HR personnel face as against the amount of time demanded by the whole process, it is prudent to outsource it to a well –experienced professional. There are a number of players in the market who provide exit interview service. Hence, it is important for an organization to rope in someone who is known to meet the requirements of companies. Following are the steps that would ensure the right selection of exit interview service provider.

Identify and define the purpose-before commencing the search for a suitable service provider, a company should first ascertain the whole purpose behind doing it in clear simple pointers. The company should also lay down the questions it wants to get answered through the exit interview results. It could range from questions pertaining to employee turnover trends, glitches in the various organizational processes, etc.

Do your research- once the purpose is established, the next step would be to find out various service providers. Again, this research should be done after sufficient deliberation on the budget allocation and expectations from the service provider.
Shortlist- with enough number of service providers collected on the list, company should shortlist the ones which prima facie appear to fit the bill.

Select- Company should conduct an extensive research on the background of service providers to make sure that they would be dealing with an entity with whom all the sensitive and confidential data will remain safe. Commencement of business, market reputation, customer feedback on their services should be looked into. Companies should also contact the shortlisted ones to collect quotations and other information from them.

This service provider would ensure that all the data is dealt with carefully, results are analyzed keeping their client in mind, and everything is collated and compiled in a comprehensive manner.


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