Job portal in Pakistan

Time is of great significance when you are seeking to fill up urgent vacancies. To make things go on the fast track, companies often post their openings on job portals assuming they can source quality resumes conveniently and quickly. However, if you select the right portal, you get lots of other benefits as well.

Here are five traits you should look in for in a job portal in Pakistan.

1. Specific job search facility.

You posted about your vacancy on the portal and have discovered the ideal candidate. He has the skills, the qualifications and the experience needed for the job. There is just one string attached. Your ideal candidate is not willing to relocate to the city of your company. So, you are back to square one.  let this happen to you. Choose a portal that gives potential employees the option to pick jobs by location. This way you get applications of those who are genuinely interested and are completely eligible for the opening.

2. Bulky databank.

Try to find out which all companies are registered with the portal. You can find this information in the jobs by company section. Screen out those that are similar to your organization. Chances are you may find your competitors there as well. Know which type of companies make the biggest chunk – Whether the portal is more known for IT jobs, fresher jobs or finance and Marketing Jobs.

3. Wide reach.

IT companies typically have a high attrition rate across all positions. If your company too requires new candidate to fill up the positions, look for a portal that features jobs for a variety of profiles. You can get this information in their jobs by category section.

4. Professional services.

You definitely want the job board to simply direct the resumes to you. Choose a job portal that screens the resumes before sending it to you. This way you will save on time and the frustration of going through irrelevant applications.

5. Exclusivity.

Look in for job boards that can showcase your vacancies differently from the rest. To do this portals provide jobs by company section. All the openings in your company will be exclusively presented here. This distinguishes your stand and attracts attention from job seekers. Conversely, if you want job vacancies in your company to go public, you can simply choose to access their database and approach candidates without revealing your company’s identity on the portal.

Try to find out Our job portals that allow free job posting. This way you save the huge fees of the recruitment agencies which you would be otherwise required to pay.


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