Educational and Career counseling in Pakistan

Education and career plays a pivotal role in course of one’s professional as well as social life. If students’ education commensurate with his aspirations and abilities, he/she face lesser degree of frustrations and anxieties and exhibit greater degree of performance and achievement.
In most of the developing countries like Pakistan the literacy rate is low and the available educational and career options are limited. The most obvious focus of education is the well paying job so parent forces their children to choose the field they decide for them.


Educational and career counseling is a widely used concept in many of the developed countries, they have counseling facilities to guide students and professionals but unfortunately it is not very well recognized concept in Pakistan, one of the reason is many prevailing factors in Pakistan like political unrest inflation and law and order situation doesn’t allow people to focus of these kinds of issues and also lack of awareness, but still there are few universities who offers counseling to their students, but it should be available as facility for all.

Educational counseling is a new concept in Pakistan that is essential for better allocation of the human resources, thorough education counseling, the student is guided to the institution that suits him best according to his qualification. Pakistani public is becoming increasingly aware of the importance of higher education for their career and future well being. But due to a limited number of universities in the country and fewer seats available in them, and lot many young people fail to achieve their goals with the result that lot of precious talent is wasted every year.


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