Headhunting firms

When I say Headhunting firms what comes in your mind? Well if you are wondering about it then let me tell you that headhunters are those who have this responsible jobs of picking up the best heads from the huge arena of such lawyers who do not make huge profits in their employed firms, and others even unemployed but no less smarter and clever than other successful lawyers.

A Headhunting firm here works as a person who possesses the quality of nitpicking talent, of the recruit based on reasoning and communication and thus should have excellent prowess in determining who is best for what field. This selection requires experience and one who is working in this field has to know how to manifest what skills and at what aspect.

The job profile

Headhunting firm work largely depends on his popularity and how much a staunch professional he is because he chooses the best from the otherwise unemployed who are rejected in the mainstream but have talent.

Headhunting firms test and measure talent, where such organizations help people get convenient and right lawyers who can’t otherwise afford greater lawyers. These professionals in a way bring down unemployment, and are also feasible for fresh law graduates and students who seek jobs.

The most effective and quintessential element what a headhunter requires is the polished skills.  Headhunter jobs pay well only when their prowess is the best among others.

They should be able to figure out in no time who can be apt for what field and the challenge lies where they have to pick up the best from the already rejected or under employed lot. The easier they recognize talent, higher the pay and popularity.


What lawyer headhunters do is to find out the best of the huge talent pool who have otherwise been unemployed but can work up the same way. There are organizations that look up to this work specifically. This is where Headhunting firms are required who have to be aware of law and order, and should make and have good contacts so that they can spontaneously get their recruits ready.

So the better talented folks he offers, he gets his heavy payment. A headhunter’s personality should have sharpness, ambition, ability to read people, study and observe every nitty gritty, he must be spontaneous and energetic.


Legal Headhunting firms job opportunities vary a lot as they are hired in specifically such organizations that provide such lawyers who can work but at a cheaper rate, for families who cannot afford huge law firms.

The opportunities also vary from smaller to larger law firms where they have such lawyers for their backup practice or use, and these headhunters work about them and provide the best of the lot who would particularly match up to the required area.

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Headhunting consultants

Why use a headhunter? Headhunting Consultants are used for varied reasons, including and most especially for people looking for middle management and executive positions within their chosen industry. Headhunting Consultants specialize in a broad search that provides candidates that are both related and directly related to the job positions they are researching. However, Headhunting Consultants are not as widely regarded, respected or considered to be as reputable as retainment executive recruiters.

Generally speaking companies such as consultants and staffing agencies use Headhunting Consultants to find people for contract or full-time/permanent jobs. Other larger companies and corporations do use them on occasion, but they are more geared to general staffing.

Headhunting Consultants are useful when looking for more generalized positions, including general management, but their focus is helping their client to find potential candidates that the client themselves were unable to find despite all their efforts – advertising online and in the print media. They tend to be less interested in the needs of the candidate and therefore their search is based on limited criterion such as basic job experience matches, limited skill sets and some or no qualifications. They will follow the same procedures in some ways as Headhunting Consultants by compiling candidate lists, conducting initial interviews with candidates and then forwarding the best resumes to their clients. However, there is a high risk that the candidates being sent to clients may not be totally suited for the positions in question.

Unfortunately Headhunting Consultants vary in ethics, ability and the willingness to do a proper job. This is one of the reasons that they have received such bad press. There have been cases where candidates have worked with Headhunting Consultants and ended up not getting a position at all. Some of them have been known to collect resumes as well as retention fees from candidates when most reputable recruiters charge a candidate nothing and only charge their clients. Some have terrible recruitment policies, including a lack of communication with clients and candidates, leaving everyone in the dark as to what work they have done at all. Some are not as prudent in their searches and have breached confidentiality, causing potential candidates to lose their current positions as their employers have been tipped off as to their job search activities. In fact, the worst type of Headhunting Consultants will forward any and every resume to their clients with total disregard to whether or not the candidate is suitable or not. This wastes time, money and sometimes contracts with clients.

The best approach with headhunters has been for candidates to wait for headhunters to contact them because this clearly shows they are interested in those candidates for specific positions. However, this is not fool proof and client and candidates can find that a random list of candidates are contacted

When using a Headhunting Consultants it is important to find someone that can be trusted before engaging them in a contract. This is best done by finding another firm that has used their services before and getting a recommendation. Also, it is critical for a company to insist that they are not sent every resume in sight and that they are kept totally informed of the work the headhunter is doing.

The most important things to keep in mind when using a Headhunting Consultants are:

· Quality work for a reasonable price

· Good communication policies

· References and recommendations from other companies that have used their services

· An ability to do a proper candidate search for people who are suited to a job position and not just anyone and any resume

In conclusion, using a Headhunting Consultants can be extremely beneficial for middle management and executive positive filling as long as the headhunter is reputable. Headhunting is so varied in its ethics and business practices that it is very easy to get caught by a company that charges large fees for little or poor work.


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Advertise jobs for free online

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Recruitment in Pakistan

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Headhunting firms

HR management is often the last thing on the minds of people who own smallish companies. They often struggle with the day to day running of their business and can’t really think about HR, unless one of their employees has a complaint or needs help with their benefits, vacation time or something like that.

If you’re a company that can’t afford to hire an HR department, but you have employees, you need to hire employees occasionally and you have other HR business that needs to be handled, then you might want to consider a Headhunting firm. Headhunting firms can handle your HR for you, on a as needed basis, without you having to hire a team to do it for you.

Headhunting firms handles a variety of tasks for businesses of any size. What’s nice about using this type of service is that they can handle every aspect of your HR department or they can handle only the particular areas that you can’t do on your own, the choice is yours.

What’s more, Headhunting firm only works when you need them to. In other words, if you only find that you need access to HR information once a month, you can contract with a company for their services on an as needed basis. This is helpful because the time may come when you need more comprehensive services and they can accommodate your needs as they come.

One aspect of building a business that many small businesses have is building the best team. In many cases, small business owners have no experience when it comes to hiring people. This often lead to them hiring people that they hit it off with personally, rather than someone who is really suited for the open position.

A solution to this problem is using a Headhunting firms to find the right team for your business. A Headhunting firms will advertise the open positions for your company, go through the resumes, interview potential candidate, screen the ones that pass the initial interview (vet them for you) and then send them to you for their final interview, at your convenience. You’ll know that anyone who comes in for an interview is qualified to work for your company and has the skill set that you’re looking for as well.

There are a lot of details that a business has to be aware of when it comes to managing their employees. There are specific laws in place that protect employees and that protect businesses, and if a business wants to let someone go, they can only do so within the confines of the law. The thing is, not every business owner, especially small business owner, is aware of what the applying laws are!

The good news is that with Headhunting firms, you can be sure that you are always compliant with your local laws when it comes to how you treat your employees, when you terminate and employee and more. Headhunting firms are well versed in local laws and will ensure that you and your employees meet all the minimum requirements for your state.


Headhunting consultants

Headhunting has long been seen as the undercover arm of recruitment. Much of the work is secretive because companies using this technique often don’t want to alert their employees, competitors or shareholders to their intentions. Headhunted candidates are handpicked, by a Headhunting consultancy so it’s a costly and time-consuming business. Traditionally, a proven track-record has been vital and most inquiries have come from personal contact and word-of-mouth recommendation. But online recruitment is blurring the edge between headhunting and conventional recruitment.

The growing number of candidates storing their CVs in online databases means it is now simple for recruiters to brand themselves as Headhunting Consultant but do they actually deliver this service? True Headhunting Consultant Cooperate by target lists, name gather routines, research & networking to unearth the very best often from the competition!

If you want to improve your chances of being one of the chosen few, there are plenty of things you can do to raise your profile:

• Consider contacting a headhunting consultancy or management recruitment business to see if they have any relevant executive search jobs/roles waiting to be filled.
• Drop hints to friends, contacts or even suppliers that you could be persuaded to change jobs.
• Get your name on any PR being conducted by your company. Potential employers could pick up on it.
• Start networking and increase your profile at industry events and conferences. Self-promotion is a vital skill.
• When asked who you know for a job, have a serious think as this favour may come round to help you.

Headhunting Consultant or Management recruitment consultants are usually pretty forthright when they contact you, immediately outlining the opportunity. Ask them to call back at a more convenient time if you’re at work, as a conversation of this nature would be quite hard to keep discreet. It’s a good idea to have a face-to-face meeting with Headhunting Consultant before any interview with the company so that you can get a full job description and receive answers to any other questions you have.

Being Headhunting Consultant can bring more money, benefits and promotion prospects, so if you are approached, make sure you get the best deal:

• Let the head-hunter make the first move; you may underestimate your worth.
• Look carefully at the total package.

A higher basic salary is attractive but make sure you do not lose some of the benefits you’re currently enjoying. Once you have received an offer you’re happy with, you may decide to use it as a bargaining tool with your current employer. Tread very carefully; you do not want to antagonize both your current and prospective employers. Once your current employer knows you want to leave they will never forget, often sidelining you for important projects, promotions etc…

Not only that but when you except a counter offer, your current employer maybe be retaining your skills until they can replace you, they may even use a Headhunting Consultant to replace you discretely.

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Your future, your responsibility

It used to be that employment with a company was a life-long relationship, with promotions coming at steady intervals. Time-in-job guaranteed progress, as is the case in government. Not any more. The new employment contact assures ‘marketability’ both within and outside the organisation and career development opportunities that require lateral moves to lead to upward mobility.

There appear two distinct schools of thought at work among the workforce: one that sits back and expects the organisation to take care of its development needs. This lot will complain and moan about the “lack of promotions” even though they have put in so many years in the job. The other lot takes its progress firmly in its own hands.

Some harsh realities are at work here: flatter organisations mean no traditional hierarchy to climb and excessive focus on costs means you cannot have non-performing assets on the books — equipment or people. What are you, a career-minded individual, to do? Fortunately there are several things that can be done to make progress — and they all start with you.

First of all, you have to recognise that the responsibility for your development rests with you and no one else. Period. Then you need to have a plan.

To start with, you must know the direction you want your career to progress in; what kind of job do you see yourself doing in the next three to five years? Where do you see yourself at the time of your retirement? If you can’t think of a particular title or position, what activities do you see yourself indulging in and what privileges do you see yourself enjoying? Is there a person you would like to emulate or model your career on? There is no harm in making changes as you go along — in fact, course corrections are required. But make sure you always have a direction and that you create the momentum to get you there.

Look for a mentor, preferably one within the organisation you are currently with. Seek his or her opinion on your goals and ambitions. Identify the attributes for performing successfully at your current level and also at the next level. Remember, technical skills are a given at most levels of management; what organisations look for are personal attributes that determine how you will perform (based on your past performance). Organisations would rather ‘hire for attitude and train for skill’ because your attitude will make all the difference between mediocrity and success. A mentor can help you identify areas you need to work on and polish those that you already have that can benefit you.

Organisations are looking for ‘leaders’ as opposed to traditional, old-style ‘managers’. A good leader is, almost without exception, a good communicator. Take any successful business giant — whether that person has a technical background or is a pure ‘management’ type — you will be struck by their awesome communications abilities. Look for opportunities where you can learn to express yourself (there will be plenty). Business executives list public speaking as one of their biggest fears. This is your chance to excel and gain recognition. Leaders are also adept at ‘networking’. Make reading an integral part of your self-development programme. Read all you can about your company, its products and competitors, the discipline you are in and other management developments. There are numerous books and magazines available to those interested and few acceptable excuses for not being abreast of things.

Career development is now synonymous with self-development and self-development is all about self-leadership. Your future is in your hands.

Is Potential More Important than Experience?

For 35 years I’ve been successfully convincing hiring managers that raw experience and skills are far less important than past performance and future potential. It hasn’t been easy. They quickly agree when they’re hiring or promoting someone whom they’ve worked with in the past, or someone referred by a trusted advisor. However, when the person is unknown, the skills, experience, academic and industry filter automatically kicks in. This is shame for a variety of reasons, to name just a few:

Some (but not all) Problem with Filtering on Experience

  • eliminates the hiring of diversity candidates (race, age, gender) as an option since by definition diversity means the person didn’t follow the classic career progression
  • prohibits returning military veterans from consideration for anything other than entry-level or low-level supervisory positions
  • prevents strong people from other industries from getting a fair assessment
  • precludes high potential people who have progressed more rapidly than their peers from being considered
  • excludes all fully-qualified and fully-employed people from consideration who are not willing to take a lateral transfer
  • Here’s a list of 61 reasons why it’s so hard for hiring managers to see the obvious. Despite these challenges, on these pages and in The Essential Guide for Hiring & Getting Hired, I make the claim that bridging the “experience and skills” vs. “potential and performance” gap is actually quite easy, more legally sound, and essential for improving the quality of people hired.

    For the legal part I’ll refer you to this white paper and webcast by David Goldstein of Littler Mendelson (the premier U.S. labor law firm), and offer this tidbit of his: Employers are not legally required to post their internal job descriptions when advertising an open position, nor is there any legal obligation to (or advantage in) posting boring ads. David goes on to suggest that performance-based job descriptions can be substituted for skills and experiences. Not only are these equally objective, they’re more predictive and they possess the advantage of opening up the door to more high-potential and diverse candidates.

    With the legal excuse put aside, and a means to translate past performance from different industries, all that’s left is a method for assessing future potential. Here’s my two-step solution: first look for the Achiever Pattern during the work-history review and then ask the problem-solving question in the two-question interview. The Achiever Pattern indicates that the person is consistently performing in the top 25% of his/her peer group. This is pretty easy to spot if you know how to read between the lines. Here’s how:

    • Find out if the person was rehired, or rehired others. Many achievers have been recruited by their former bosses or referred by their previous co-workers. Find out how they got their last few jobs to see if the person was rehired, referred, or applied to a job posting.
    • Determine if each job change was part of a bigger career plan or a reaction to a problem. Achievers tend to carefully select jobs based on some major overriding career goal. Even if the person lost their job, find out how they found their next one. Achievers do much more than just applying to a posting.
    • For each company ask about major projects and accomplishments. Achievers get assigned to handle the most important projects, the toughest customers and the most difficult technical problems, regardless of their years of experience. Look for this pattern, determine if it occurred at different companies and with different managers, and see if the work is expanding in scope and challenge.
    • Get comparisons of performance to the person’s peers. Compare the person’s specific performance to others in the group by asking about rankings, standings, differences between the top and average, and what the person did differently to get to the top of pack.
    • Ask about any type of recognition received and how and why. Achievers receive lots of recognition. This can take a variety of forms like bigger raises, special bonuses, awards won, promotions, patents, presentations at industry conferences, published whitepapers, commendations, coaching roles and fellowships.
    • Assigned to important teams and early exposure to executives. Rather than use affability to assess team skills, track the growth of the teams the person has been assigned to over the past few years. If this has increased significantly to include expanded functional responsibility, broader cross-functional involvement, and more exposure to senior management inside and outside the company, you can be assured the person is an achiever with strong team skills.
    • They learn new skills quickly. Achievers do more with less. During the interview ask the person to describe their biggest accomplishments with the least amount of skills and experience. Then find out how they learned what was needed to be learned, and how they applied this knowledge. You’ll quickly discover why you want to hire more achievers, even if they don’t have a lot of experience.

    Achievers leave lots of evidence in their wakes, and if the wake is big enough, you can rest assured there’s an achiever out in front. Stop box checking skills and experience as the first step in your interview process, look for the Achiever Pattern instead. As Jim Collins said in Good to Great, you need to put great people on the bus if you want to build a great company, or a great team. Of course, you then need to let them drive.

Outsource Exit Interview Process to the Ideal One

Outsource Exit Interview Process to the Ideal One

Does your company’s employee separation policy include exit interview?

Exit interviews are an efficient tool for understanding the reasons behind employees leaving the organization. When used intelligently to interview a number of exiting employees, it can province invaluable information on what are the common reasons behind employees separating from the organization. However, a company can benefit from its efficiency only when the exit interview is carried out at the right time as when asked all the right questions.

HR community has long known the benefits of conducting exit interviews. But with huge amount of deliverables, HR personnels find it hard to give un-wavered focus on it. Even if they do, they face challenges in conducting it in an effective manner. The interviews may not turn out as productive as expected due to challenges like risks of biasness in the interviewer, uncooperativeness and discomfort in giving honest feedback by employee.

Given the time crunch HR personnel face as against the amount of time demanded by the whole process, it is prudent to outsource it to a well –experienced professional. There are a number of players in the market who provide exit interview service. Hence, it is important for an organization to rope in someone who is known to meet the requirements of companies. Following are the steps that would ensure the right selection of exit interview service provider.

Identify and define the purpose-before commencing the search for a suitable service provider, a company should first ascertain the whole purpose behind doing it in clear simple pointers. The company should also lay down the questions it wants to get answered through the exit interview results. It could range from questions pertaining to employee turnover trends, glitches in the various organizational processes, etc.

Do your research- once the purpose is established, the next step would be to find out various service providers. Again, this research should be done after sufficient deliberation on the budget allocation and expectations from the service provider.
Shortlist- with enough number of service providers collected on the list, company should shortlist the ones which prima facie appear to fit the bill.

Select- Company should conduct an extensive research on the background of service providers to make sure that they would be dealing with an entity with whom all the sensitive and confidential data will remain safe. Commencement of business, market reputation, customer feedback on their services should be looked into. Companies should also contact the shortlisted ones to collect quotations and other information from them.

This service provider would ensure that all the data is dealt with carefully, results are analyzed keeping their client in mind, and everything is collated and compiled in a comprehensive manner.