Payroll Processing Services

ImagePayroll Services Help Businesses Save Costs

Payroll services help businesses save costs and streamline their operations. But how is this exactly achieved? Can you, as a small or medium-sized organization, really look to benefit from payroll outsourcing? Or is payroll processing something you better handle yourself?

Any kind of outsourcing is all about offloading your company’s responsibilities to expert hands. That is obviously a huge advantage, if the charges are lesser than the costs you’d have to incur by your business handling the responsibility by itself. The more extensive the responsibilities outsourced, the greater the costs and resources saved. Payroll processing is one such extensive responsibility.

Importance of Payroll Services

Payroll services form part of human resource management, which deals with effective management of one of your most important assets, your people. Their motivation and effective performance is vital to the productivity of your organization and its long term health. It is therefore important to ensure that payroll, which deals with not only handing their paychecks but also related tax filing responsibilities, is handled well.

Outsourcing Payroll Processing Is Only Beneficial

Though payroll administration is important for every Organization, it is basically a non-core task that does not directly deal with a company’s main business.

• If an organization would handle payroll and other HR management responsibilities by itself, it would need to set apart manpower and resources for it.

• For small and medium-sized organizations that could be particularly tough.

• Not only would it consume too many resources, but would also sometimes lead your organization to lose focus from its core tasks.

With payroll outsourcing though, those worries can be negated and you can have more resources for your core processes. You can also ensure greater efficiency in payroll administration and the related tax filing tasks. These need to be done well to prevent legal penalties. You can get your workforce devoted to your core business which will directly influence productivity and earnings.

A Reliable Payroll Services Provider Makes the Difference

It all depends on the payroll services by a reliable payroll provider or a PEO. The PEO is capable of handling payroll processing and other comprehensive HR management responsibilities. Corporate payroll services by a PEO are customizable to meet the unique requirements every organization based on its size, earnings, scale of operation, geographic spread of employees, and other factors. The experts at the PEO can understand your needs, expectations and goals and provide payroll services that are just right for your organization.

Corporate payroll services help reduce your operating costs and enable your organization to attain greater economies of scale. With more focus on your core processes your functioning gets streamlined, your staff gets monitored more effectively so that their performance builds up and you get to increase your productivity and earnings at lesser costs. This is how payroll services help businesses save costs and streamline their operations.

Recruitment Agencies in Pakistan

ImageAs an employer, the most important thing that you should be concerned about most is the easiest way to get the best employees. This is absolutely imperative since your employees will always have a direct impact on the success of your business. This is why most employers have resorted to hiring Recruitment agencies . This is a special program designed to help employers carry out their recruitment exercises online. Most reputable companies no longer rely on the traditional way of recruitment where candidates were required to drop their application letters and certificates physically at the company offices. With this Recruitment Process, candidates are able to send their certificates to the employer at the touch of a button.

There are numerous benefits of using the online Recruitment Services. For instance, it helps employers to reduce the cost of conducting interviews. Physical recruitment comes with additional costs since you have to hire an office and a panel of human resource managers. It is also cumbersome and time consuming. But when you use the online Recruitment Services, you will be able to interview a large number of applicants without having to spend thousands of Rupees renting an office. Another benefit of online recruitment solutions is that they speed up the recruitment process. With these solutions, you can interview tens of applicants in a single day. This means that you won’t have to waste your time waiting for the new employees to be interviewed. You can now complete the recruitment process in one day or two depending on the number of applicants you are dealing with and the seriousness of the interview.

What is more, the online e-Recruitment can provide even more effective human resource functionality. These functions may include employee assessment, on boarding, performance management, and more. With these solutions, you will be able to make informed decisions on potential employees. Furthermore, this Recruitment Solution makes it easy for employers to access employee’s data as well as monitor new applicants. You won’t have to go through thousands of applications looking for an applicant who matches your job requirements. This system will browse through the available applications to give you the exact type of applicant you wish to have. That way, you are assured of hiring a team of employees that can enable your organization to realize its objectives. Most online recruitment programs are designed in such a way that the user can easily tell when there is a new applicant. This in turn makes it easy for the employer to find employees who match the current job requirements.

Another benefit of online Recruitment Solution is the amount of control it gives employers. Users are able to control the entire recruitment process. This system is able to categorize applicants according to their salaries, qualifications, levels of experience, and so on. Consequently, the employer has enough time to concentrate on other equally important matters. This also saves the employer money since they do not have to rent premises where they can do the interview.

Human Resource Information System (HRIS)

HRIS is short for Human Resources Information System. The more workers you have—the more it makes sense to add a Human Resources Information System to your organization. It can facilitate two major items: HR and Payroll. Let’s review how an HRIS can help your organization and several of its advantages.Image

How HRIS Helps Your Organization

  • Efficiently handle HR tasks related to benefits, payroll and accounting.
  • Closely plan, control and manage HR expenses.
  • Increase efficiency and quality of HR decision-making.
  • Enhance productivity for managers and front-line employees.
  • Streamline the recruiting process.
  • Manage attendance in real-time.
  • Improve communication within your organization.
  • Track training and succession planning.

Advantages to HRIS Systems

  • Customized to an organization’s unique needs.
  • Integrated databases.
  • Useful reporting functions and evaluation capabilities.
  • Automated alerts for things like performance reviews, expiring certifications and benefits enrollment.
  • Convenient self-service access to employees for viewing pay stubs, work schedules and benefits.
  • Handles time-off requests, tax detail modifications, changes of address, benefits enrollment, etc.

Many HRIS systems can be adapted and implemented for your organization quite quickly—depending on the size of your workforce and the scale of the project. An HRIS System is a  e-square HR tool and has various uses—it has the capacity to become a major contributor to the success of your organization.

Hire online free in Pakistan

Latest just proves that online activities are also being scattered nowadays. Therefore, we have concluded to build and introduce a wide market with the proper utilization of online and web search. This is achievable by hiring and enjoying the benefits of Hiring Online. They are merely needed most of the time because they could make the business activities free from delays and failures. Hiring online free is giving us is very useful and remarkable to achieve and fulfill our business. The benefits of hiring an online really play a challenging task but yet possessing an extra ordinary skills and abilities.

Employ Hiring online free has immeasurable benefits on the part of the customers or the people who will be requiring a full assistance in executing a variety of jobs. They can truly assure to offer a very good, reliable and fast service. As a result, outsourcing the business related tasks from online virtual assistant will definitely be time and money worth. They will conduct an endless and unlimited research based on your business needs and preferences. This is a good deal money worth wise and you will be relieve of pressure. The Hiring online can do the rest of the job in accordance with the exact details and information that the business personnel will provide. They can absolutely provide information for your ongoing projects, business transactions and other numerous tasks to run your business successfully. It will save time, money and effort on your end. They could probably maintain the freshness of the activities by means of avoiding repetitive or redundant quality of information. Hiring online free would be the greatest right hand of the business personnel even thought they have just to talk or meet online. They could maximize the given time by researching certain facts vividly, studying the projects and developing strategies on writing articles, responding to electronic mails, answering phone calls, entering data and other administrative tasks.

So what are you waiting for? Come to think of it! You do not have actually to think, just immediately hire an effective and efficient Online hiring for the beneficial sake of your business transactions and at the same time building a credible and reliable name in a business world. The Hiring online will be producing a pleasing criterion to start the activities uniquely. Then, they will be creating also valuable and effective tools to end/finish odd jobs. The benefits and recognitions are being achieved of both parties, the Hiring online and the Customers itself. It is about time to alter your old practice wasting a lot of times in front of the computer trying to rush everything. In a business world, they hate to rush but absolutely no choice because it is part of the job to earn and gain more profit to satisfy the customers. Nevertheless, hire Online to perform your business activities faster at least possible cost. You MUST hurry now. The Hiring online free are just some clicks away.

Free online job portal in Pakistan

After passing out from the colleges in Pakistan, every students dream will be to get into a job in some big company. There are people who have ambitious plans about their future and the next step is to apply For a Job Free online. However, How to Find Job is a million dollar question as getting into the right job and at the right time is a great matching task. You may not always end up at the right employer. Job hunt is a major task and the best way to do that is through online job portals in Pakistan.

Such portals have numerous job vacancies like Medical Jobs, accountant jobs, clerical and Management jobs. Job Assistant, marketing jobs, Law Jobs, consultants, IT jobs, MBA Jobs and lot more. They follow a step by step approach in selecting the right candidate for the right position. You can put up your resume and apply for jobs of your choice. Also the corporate, rather than depending on the newspaper advertisement and other such traditional media are making use of the only jobs to search for the right candidate.

Steps involved in applying job online

Sign up

The first and foremost step is simple and easy. Fill in the details like your educational qualification, technical experience, special achievements, awards received, previous industrial experience and also other personal details. After this your name gets registered in the official portal of the job finder sites.

Match your profile with the job

The job finder is then so designed that it picks up the vital information from your Resume and Cover Letter and matches them with the available list of jobs. Such a list of jobs is sent to your email id frequently as and when the jobs get updated. Depending upon the job details you have the option of either applying it or posting a not interested reply. If you click on apply, the site automatically send you application along with the resume to the concerned person.

Resume and cover letter

Resume must be properly designed so that it attracts the reader instantly. The employers get the first impression from your resume, so make sure you include all the details that are vital and make it more appealing.

Human Resources Firm

No matter what the size of the company is, often it can be helpful to contract human resources firms to get an objective, third party view of the business in order to fill staff positions effectively and efficiently. HR firm may cost more money on the front end than handling employee hiring internally, but the benefits often outweigh the consulting fees. It may in fact be more cost effective, as the business no longer needs a full-time staff HR director, depending on its size.

Human resources departments are responsible for hiring, firing, benefits, taxes, payroll, and safety issues. By hiring a HR firm, a business can be sure that they are in compliance with all federal and state laws and regulations. Small companies may not have HR staff that are familiar with or experienced enough in the field to provide adequate protection to the company.

One benefit that an HR firm can offer is that they are well versed in labor laws and issues that crop up when hiring new employees. By hiring an HR firm, businesses can avoid potential lawsuits that may arise from company hiring practices. HR firms will make sure that companies are in compliance will all federal and state employment laws. HR firm can conduct hiring interviews, conduct background checks, and if needed, terminate employment.

HR firm also provide businesses with immediate expertise and experience in a particular area, having dealt with several companies before and knowing the hiring practices of the industry. They can also make sure that the workplace environment is safe by conducting risk management assessments and by implementing safety protocols of state and federal laws.

HR firm are also important to have during times when employees are making claims about discrimination. HR firm have the expertise and ability to investigate these claims and document any and all information that is pertinent to the case.

HR departments are also responsible for handling payroll. HR firm can handle employee compensation by writing checks or depositing payments into bank accounts. They also take on the responsibility for managing tax obligations such as income tax and payroll tax withholdings, lessening the burden of an internal HR staff. Finally, HR firm can administer vacation and sick time and create employment policy to protect the employees as well as the company.

Deciding to hire an HR firm is an important decision for many business owners to make. Hiring an HR firm can save money in the long run and prevent against costly litigation and low employee morale.

Human Resource Solution

Human resources solution that allows a company to obtain the services of a third party company to deal with its human resource HR functions. Human resource HR related activities can be outsourced to service providers located in offshore destinations such as Philippines, Romania, India, Pakistan and Latin America. In a downward economic environment, Human resources solution may actually be boosted, as companies look for ways to cut operating budgets while still not comprising on the output.

Types of Human Resource Solution

  • BPO (business process outsourcing)
  • PEO provider (professional employer organization services provider)
  • RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing)

Services Typically Offered Within the Human Resource HR Value Chain:

  • Recruiting
  • Payroll Outsourcing
  • Management of Employee Stock Option Programs and other Employee benefits outsourcing
  • Remuneration and Compensation Management
  • Performance Management
  • Relocation
  • Data Management

General Profile of Human Resource Solution Companies

  • Differences between human resource HR Solution companies are usually based on scale of projects, scope, geographic coverage and technology competence
  • Leading human resource HR Solution companies have strengths in global reach, brand and capability, strong business know-how and subject matter such as payroll outsourcing and employee benefits outsourcing
  • Leading human resource HR Solution companies tend to look to Pakistan, India and Philippines as the leading locations for offshore delivery of human resource HR Solution HRS services.

Advantages of Pakistan, India and Philippines as Hotspots for HRS (Human Resource Solution)

  • Dominate HRS market particularly in Financial Services
  • Highly skilled labor pool, including use of Information Technology for payroll outsourcing
  • Cost competitive
  • Good service culture, including servicing of employee benefits outsourcing
  • Improving infrastructure
  • English language proficiency

Challenges Faced by Human Resource Solution Companies

  • Scoping: Human resource HR Solution companies need to determine the appropriate scope to achieve scale and deliver service models and frameworks, be it for payroll outsourcing or employee benefits outsourcing
  • Recruitment and retention of talent: Human resource HR Solution companies need to grapple with the result of increasing wages in HRS hotspots
  • Speed of transition: Human resource HR Solution companies need to adjust to short timeframes and provide the appropriate corporate support whilst not crossing cultural boundaries.

Educational and Career counseling in Pakistan

Education and career plays a pivotal role in course of one’s professional as well as social life. If students’ education commensurate with his aspirations and abilities, he/she face lesser degree of frustrations and anxieties and exhibit greater degree of performance and achievement.
In most of the developing countries like Pakistan the literacy rate is low and the available educational and career options are limited. The most obvious focus of education is the well paying job so parent forces their children to choose the field they decide for them.


Educational and career counseling is a widely used concept in many of the developed countries, they have counseling facilities to guide students and professionals but unfortunately it is not very well recognized concept in Pakistan, one of the reason is many prevailing factors in Pakistan like political unrest inflation and law and order situation doesn’t allow people to focus of these kinds of issues and also lack of awareness, but still there are few universities who offers counseling to their students, but it should be available as facility for all.

Educational counseling is a new concept in Pakistan that is essential for better allocation of the human resources, thorough education counseling, the student is guided to the institution that suits him best according to his qualification. Pakistani public is becoming increasingly aware of the importance of higher education for their career and future well being. But due to a limited number of universities in the country and fewer seats available in them, and lot many young people fail to achieve their goals with the result that lot of precious talent is wasted every year.


Human Resource Consultancy

Every company needs the human resource and for this reason the human resource consultant is very much needed. But in reality, for finding the HR consultant is a daunting task. So in this direction, you have to select the best HR consultant through the extensive hunting. Moreover, you have to follow some tips for getting the right consultant for any department for your company. So for the hunting about HR consultants Pakistan, you have to look for the professional who have a senior level certification from the authority.
If you hire the senior-level certified professional for your company’s any segment, then you will able to get the total professionalism from him or her. Actually, the professional will provide the best state-of-art HR innovation for your company as well. Again, you like to get the foolproof conviction about the professional experience of the HR profession, and then you have to check his or her working experience from other sources. In the HR consultancy, the best professional will guide their clients in the right direction for maintaining the integrity of the manpower in the company.
Since, the human resource segment in any company has held an important role in the development of the company itself. It is a good move to select the right human resource professional from the published ones from your surroundings. Because, the most of the cases you will get the best one from it. When you are hiring the human resource consultant for your company, you should find that the professional has an expertise in one of the human resource segments. So it will help your company to get the specialize treatment for your company’s human resource.
Another point you can look for the HR professional through the client’s preference. As it is observed that they will provide you better information about the best HR professional in the human resource circle. Moreover, the functions of the human resource depend on the various HR fields like Employment Outsource, BPO, Job Portal Service and recruitment. According to your company domain, you can select more precisely the HR consultant for your needs. So in this matter, you can get the help from your acquaintances who will give you some important information about the HR consultant in your area. When you are looking for the HR consultancy jobs in your locality, it is better to avoid for discussing your consultancy plan with your peers as well. – See more at: -human-resource-consultancy-in-Pakistan.


Business Process Outsource

The continued growth of the Business Process Outsource market and some of the areas where BPOs and solution providers may look to innovate.

There are two further significant issues that I believe will become increasingly important.

Shortening the time to ROI is a key focus of BPO customers, but a related issue that still needs to be resolved is: what will be the ‘best practice’ for achieving not just short term ROI, but also the best long-term approach?

There are many approaches out there, and the debate between BPA (Business Process Automation) versus BPM (Business Process Management) and Business Process Outsource is central to this. How should these approaches best be intertwined? Are customers prepared to outsource whole processes or is “by-pass” process outsourcing solution the way forward? How do you define the differences between them or do you use other terms, too? I think these will be big questions in the BPO market in the next few years. Ideally they will be solved through closer relationships between BPO providers and their customers.

On the BPA v BPM v BPO discussion, we have added a post here defining these terms as we see them.

Finally, I strongly believe that the need for distributed processing is increasing, and will become an important factor for BPOs. This of course means reducing the cost of logistics; for example, moving paper by courier needs to be removed and of course the time it takes to move it. This also means for me including the end customer in the process for tasks such as exception handling, in an audited way without system-breaks. Distributed processing can have some significant benefits in terms of ROI and time-to-market discussions.

This will potentially have a huge impact on BPO providers, as they will need to consider all of the keys to successfully and efficiently processing in a distributed environment. Data protection issues when operating in the cloud, minimizing logistics costs, maximizing linguistic skills, unique local regulations, and the need to include end customers are just some factors that come to mind.

So, while we can expect growth and expansion in the BPO market in coming years, constant change and improvement is a theme I expect to continue and eventually drive further growth.

What other things do you expect will happen in the Business Process Outsource market in the next few years? Do you agree with my thoughts? I’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas … so please feel free to comment below.