Human Resource Services

Human Resource Services

e-square is one of the leading Human Resource service providers for Middle East, UAE, MENA , GCC countries and Pakistan. There are convention and precincts that must be satisfied to defend yourself from the risks of fines, charge along with high priced outcomes. e-square HR Services furnish all of the professional services necessary to permit you the freedom to safely move from the administrative duties and concentrate on the development of your enterprise.

Don’t think that the job is limited to just the hiring and firing of employees of the company. It is a relationship between management and employees. HR manager & staff deal with issues that engage the endeavor and the clients.

e-square have a whole team of trained, experienced and qualified services at their disposal. There is no need for executives to congregate and sort employee or company information for the tax issues. There is no need to figure out confusing and ambiguous employment laws personally; Human Resource services cover that portion as well as explain and discuss possible connotation of certain operations and methods of handling resources.

With Head hunting companies, there are immeasurable value added benefits to be derived. Human resources management can be time consuming and tiresome task at best with numerous technicalities, documentation responsibility involved. Delegating the responsibility to a credible employee leasing company can go a long way in effective management of work force. A credible Head hunting company will not only aid in reducing administration cost at the same time managing the productivity of the workforce.

Payroll Management is one of the crucial and challenging tasks for any business organization. There are incalculable state and federal laws governing the same. In order to better understand the complexity and technicality associated with payroll best course of action is to seek consultation from credible expert. e-square will carefully assimilate then overall requirement of the service company and accordingly provide an all inclusive service package.

Human resource outsourcing can be a great service for businesses that have grown too quickly to adjust their HR practices appropriately, or that are just too busy to handle this part of their business. It is important to choose which HR outsourcing firm will truly work best for you and for your company. If you are an employer who feels that this is the right choice for your business, make sure you do so with awareness.

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Why Human Resource Development and Management are Important for Individual and Business?

HRMHuman resource development is called the theory or a pre-defined set of practices involving analysis, training, studies, development, organization, and promotion of the organizational skills and abilities designed for the enhancement and maintainable growth of the individuals and the organizations they are working for. It is very important for individuals to know their inner weaknesses, strengths, capabilities, skill sets, interpersonal skills, explore opportunities, and more to accomplish the tasks they have been assigned in the existing and limiting resources and achieve beyond their targets to help their companies and organizations complete their goals to become nationally and internationally known and acclaimed. When we talk about Pakistan it rises as the land of low-cost manpower, infrastructure, multiple opportunities, cultures, and skill development among other things.
Utilizing HR software
Human resource management has been driving forward with truly innovative and leading-edge software in recent years. It is no secret that new software and technologies can really streamline HR processes and workflows, and this has been the driver for HR software specialists to develop new software capabilities.
The latest human resource management software that is available on the market is now able to fold all HR requirements into one system, which is truly ground-breaking for HR departments who are long-suffering from legacy systems which have overly complex interfaces. So with integration a key driver the latest software is changing the face of how HR can use technology to its benefit.
The most up to date software is also supporting inter-connections within businesses and democratizing processes and ways of working. The use of online portals and light-intranets are empowering employees to take control of the way they interact with each other and with HR in their company.
Controlling the workforce

Staff should be controlled and managed by rules and regulations. This is another responsibility of HRM. Introducing and implementing leave procedures, policies, behavioral rules, and other rules related to the workplace should be done by human resource managers.
Fulfilling employee expectations is another duty of human resource management. Only the satisfied employee works for the sake of the organization. People can be motivated only by fulfilling their expectations. When working for employee satisfaction, it is important to consider the organization expectations as well. The ultimate goal of effective HRM is a successful business through totally satisfied employees.

Time Management Training

Time is the most valuable but least controlled asset for any business organization. Time management training seeks to maximize the amount of work done for the limited time that is available for the enterprise. Every person in the office hierarchy would benefit from undergoing time management training. In return, one can expect that the person who received training would be able to manage their time properly and become a more productive individual in the workplace.
Good time management skills are about many things, prioritizing, managing interruptions, avoiding procrastination etc. But time management really starts with having a plan of action which clearly states the tasks you are hoping to complete on any given day—otherwise known as a to do list.
The time management training must provide the employees basic tips and tricks on how to manage time well. Since the goals needed to be accomplished are laid out, they will have a step-by-step plan on how to maximize their time and perform. However, most problems appear during the implementation stage since employees have a problem actually executing their plans. The training must have a good segment talking about effective strategies the employees can use to kick-start work. Some of these include having a clean and conducive workspace, and using organization tools to make work easier. Aside from these, the time management training should also cover important topics such as holding effective meetings or managing email messages.
The best way to introduce your employees to time management concept and skills is to organize a training session for them. You can set aside a day for imparting time management training to your employees. You can ask a senior employee of yours to try and develop time management skills in the people. However, for better impact, you must hire a professional organization well adept in imparting training to corporate employees. Our Experienced trainers know how to establish a rapport with the delegates, take them on board and initiate the intended concept to them. Training your employees in an organized manner will take their performance to the next level.
As an employer, you need to know how to create a work environment that gets the best from your human resource. An organized employee training and management system is essential for a successful business organization. Employees ingrained in workplace skills can contribute to the growth of the company and ensure that success prevails.

Customer Service

ImageDid you know that 68% of customers who discontinue relations with a company do so due to poor customer service? It is the number one reason for customers to defect from a business. Everyone has experienced poor customer service at some point and it is infuriating and frustrating, prompting some to sever ties with a company even if they have had a long-standing relationship and been previously satisfied.

One way to prepare is to create (or confirm) a clear and motivating vision of what you want to become. Back this vision up with customer service training and other measures and you can transform your business for the better. Your engaging service vision is one of the “12 Building Blocks for a Superior Service Culture”. This vision can serve as a guiding light for customer service training and to focus your efforts now and in the future.

For any business to survive the corporate competition, all the agents working must have good skills. This is very common in most soft services jobs sectors. The facilities management recruitment officers have always stressed the value of working personnel to have special skills that will set them apart from the rest. It is therefore wise for customer service to have their agents taken through vigorous routines of training and induction.

According to facilities jobs, agents have to be very careful when it comes to listening. Customer Service agents for example have to be friendly since it is at their desks that clients call to have their problems listened to and solved. Clients will always want to call and get solutions to problems as fast as possible. Clients also have different problems and should not be treated the same. This is one aspect that most agents don’t get right according to facilities management recruitment experts.

The benefits of Sold Out Trainers are tangible and lasting. Keep your staff and your customers by investing in our innovative experiential customer service training which is designed to meet the specific needs of your organisation for real results.

Post Resume Online

Owing to the competitive job market it has become really important to stand out in the crowd in order to achieve success. Posting your resume online is one of the best and the quickest way to come into the eyes of the employer. It is likely that you will get a job easily online through some career site than any other job hunting source which marks the importance of creating an online resume.
As soon as your resume is posted online it is made available to a lot of recruiters online which increases your chances of getting a good job and is a much better way than mailing your resume to employers in different companies.

You can just make use of a temporary email address for the purpose of receiving updates over jobs and interview calls so that there are no chances of anyone disturbing you after you are over with the process. It usually happens in this way that people keep on receiving spam and they get extremely irritated with such service. Most of the time people just cannot afford the luxury to even open them and check it. For this reason it is a good idea to make use of emails just for this very purpose, which you can easily discard after you are over with your work.
Choose reputable websites for reasons safety and Make use of those sites that are easy for the recruiters to use as well.
e-square (Pvt) Ltd is a trusted internet site which might make certain that your resume will get posted to several of the organization web-sites. It’s got tie ups with many good businesses which can be genuinely doing well within the current market. This site can be certain that you get to present your resume the appropriate exposure that it wants.
The resume itself is the payment for the site and apart from that you should not need to pay as a job seeker. Good resume submitting sites will never charge from you. This is one of the good features of reputed sites actually.
Owning an online resume Posting or an online portfolio can really separate you from the usual crowd applying for a job.

HR Administration

A HR administrator is a mixture of admin and HR, also known as human resources and personnel. The proportions of each will vary according to the organization, department and your own background and talents. Many organizations will encourage and enhance the HR aspect of the role for a high-caliber, committed HR administrator.
There are handful of companies that provides organization of small to medium size to avail the opportunity to remove such burden of processing their own human resource administration paperwork in most affordable way. During initial growth phase a business must not allow HR administration act as a hindrance when it comes to generating new sales lead, servicing their clients, tweaking business model and last but not the least protecting bottom line of the business.
HR administration is all about ensuring that the paperwork and nitty-gritty matters of great tasks such as distributing paychecks, administering benefits, conducting recruitment and training, filing tax reports, and minimizing workplace risk are handled efficiently. These require quite a lot of time and resources which when outsourced could free the organization to focus on its core responsibilities.
Human resource outsourcing services are offered by a PEO or professional employer organization which has considerable resources and expertise on hand to help businesses through their various challenges, and most importantly take care of their obligations as employers.
With years of experience behind them, the experts in the PEO Company know how to handle human resources management in the most cost-effective manner. They offer PEO services that are flexible and suit the unique needs and requirements of client companies. Their wide range of human resource administration and management services are adaptable to the unique needs of client businesses. Check out the plans, calculate how much it costs you to carry out these administrative tasks on your own, and you’ll get a clear picture of the savings you can expect to attain. There is no doubt that human resources administration companies help businesses grow. The challenge lies in locating the right service provider.
Human resources administration for small and medium sized businesses can keep them from associated legal issues and ensure their better performance. It has the twin advantages of cost cutting and resource savings as well as ensuring better handling of your employee tasks.

Jobs in Pakistan, Karachi

Job tracking has always been a complicated process in Pakistan, especially for the fresh graduate student learners who are new to the expert employees. Because of household problems, Pakistan has never enticed enough international financial commitment to create new tasks to provide the needs of its quickly improving inhabitants. Because of the aggressive characteristics of the job market, you have to take your look for seriously to discover an appropriate position related your abilities and credentials.
All the economy to Pakistan, Karachi was semi-industrialized, consisting of commonly off textiles, snacks computing, chemical compounds or farming. Pakistan’s cheap is actually typically getting simply because carry on for times and even being referred to as becoming surface reformer while The entire global population Traditional bank on the inside 2006. It’s taking care of getting the device’s finance commercial infrastructure, receiving self-sufficiency doing foodstuffs to strong foreign trade industries. Jobs Situation in Pakistan, Karachi suitable now, has now tremendous foreign savings choices being remarkable dangerous funds in the uk. Every single firm while retail areas are increasingly coming near a very quickly schedule and are generally the employment offers.
In search of finding a fruitful job in Pakistan, Karachi was become so difficult over the years, because of the failing job market and political issues in Pakistan. The job market at current was getting worse and worse day by day; another reason was because of the recession that struck the world in the twentieth century. Pakistan being a third world country which went through a bad phase of time, a few years ago Pakistan managed to get out of the crisis however the political issues are still prevailing which have pushed down Pakistan’s economy like never before.
People if you do have a job in Pakistan, it is favorable to hang on to it; because jobs are hard to get. Although if you do have an offer, it is recommended to switch jobs under that circumstances. As we all know that companies and organization will always need a resource at all times because it is simply impossible to run without employment.

Job portal services for Employer

Job portal for employerThe advent of the online job portals are like a blessing for all those who are on the hunt for an appropriate job. Online job portals are a platform holding dozens of benefits. They are advantageous in a number of aspects. Studies prove that job Post through specialized job portals are one of the most rapid sources of employment compared to other options (likewise applying to the company’s website directly). Posting jobs through portals are known to get response to job seekers more quickly than other methods.

However, Employers want to choose the best job portal Service. Some questions are raised in mind which job portals are really genuine? Which are not scammed? Does the job portal provider Privilege to Job Post creation facility? Will my Personal and Company’s information be secure if employer Post a Job at these job portals?

Following are the top qualities of a good job portal and if trailed prior to choose one to create an account you will be sure to select the best one for yourself.
1. Is the Job portal free or Charge for Employer? The first thing you want to check out is whether the portal is charging or not you to access and post for the jobs. Some job portals offer placement services and they are meant to be paid for. Employer can be expected to pay for job posting because they are expected that are financially set.
2. Are Professional Talent Hunters & Recruiters on the portal? The job portal you choose should also be open to an assortment of highly recognized recruiters and professional recruitment agencies and not only for Employer. This allows your Job Post to be analyzed by expert talent hunters looking for proficient and highly ambitious job Seeker.
3. Which respected employment agencies have accounts on the portal You can easily verify the best job portals for Employer by searching online for their popularity and checking out which respectable job seeker flow are using it too. Recruitment is a complicated process and job portals make it easy for both jobseekers and employers. The bigger the resume pool of the portal, the more popular it will be. As an Employer, you should go for a job portal where the best resumes are available.
4. Does the portal provide genuine & quality services The services provided by the portal and the quality of those services are the next important thing to consider. Superior quality job portals are easy to use and maneuver. Apply against Job alerts setup capability, placement services and regular content updates to assist the employer in increasing their lure and enhancing on shortcomings are all parts of a high quality jobs portal.
5. Is Registration complicated (is there Face book & Google Connects available) Registration should be an uncomplicated matter and the general maneuverability of the portal should be as easy as pie.

Job portal services for Job seekers

ImageFinding any job and a job of your choice are two entirely different things. If you have been working for a while and are dissatisfied with what you do, you would understand what I mean. So, whether you are someone who is planning to switch careers or someone who is a freshman and has just started his job search, there are certain steps which you need to follow in order to find one that matches your skills, liking and qualifications.

The job portal services, dramatically increases the response rate of an application and the services include those of fresh and experts who work with applicants to understand their goals and craft resumes that achieve results.

Today, one of the best ways to find a job is through Online Job Portal. There are some very good job Portal which list numerous jobs, industry-wise, salary-wise and on the basis of a candidate’s experience in his field of work. So to get a job, a person needs to register with them, find the ones which match his criteria and then apply for the same online. Another way is to hire the services of a recruitment agency. These agencies are the meeting grounds for employers and possible employees. They will inform you about the vacancies in various companies and then send you for interviews at the same.

Some of the best job posting sites are free and allow Job Seekers and employers to register in just a few simple steps. In fact, the need to fill multi part forms to Search a Job and advertise their listing is completely eliminated. Besides this, Job portal for Job seekers can now upload their CVs more easily and can search jobs by keywords, location or industry sectors.

These Job Portals are thus assured of an extensive database, which benefits the employee and employer. The fact these Job Portals allow job posting for at least a week you and that too without paying for anything gives thus providing the employers a significant advantage over other methods.

Payroll Management

Payroll Management is especially for big and average companies. Board of directors, management executives and managing directors know very well that if they want to success their business then it must be well managed. Handle to big venture through man power is very difficult. Businesses can be thankful who handle the payroll management.

Businesses may decide to outsource all their payroll requirements to an outsourcing firm, or to a payroll bureau or a professionally managed and expert payroll services provider. It can reduce the cost of a business then having payroll trained employee or a professional. If the company wants to make all their payroll service itself, then it needs not only a payroll professional but also needs proper systems and soft wares to make an effective payroll management.

A very important part of payroll management is taxes and deductions for federal and state governments, as well as for the employee personally. The amount of these deductions -including federal and state taxes, social security, Medicare, health insurance and other retirement plans – will vary depending on the employees wage rate. Salary, hourly and part-time workers all require different taxes and deductions that vary and calculating these deductions properly is extremely important in order to avoid government fines and back taxes, or worse, audits.

There are also many features available in HRIS Payroll management software such like at advance leave management and leave enhancement details, up to date employee timesheet, automatic credit their salary to direct bank, reminder setup and many more feature available through. If you are taking more time to spend for looking after the payroll than you’d like to Payroll management software. HRIS is the complete payroll software solution to growing business. HRIS payroll system program is fully features that are suitable for any size of business setup.
Thoroughly examining your options will help you feel more confident that you are making the right decision for your company financially and for the sake of your employees.