Job portal services for Employer

Job portal for employerThe advent of the online job portals are like a blessing for all those who are on the hunt for an appropriate job. Online job portals are a platform holding dozens of benefits. They are advantageous in a number of aspects. Studies prove that job Post through specialized job portals are one of the most rapid sources of employment compared to other options (likewise applying to the company’s website directly). Posting jobs through portals are known to get response to job seekers more quickly than other methods.

However, Employers want to choose the best job portal Service. Some questions are raised in mind which job portals are really genuine? Which are not scammed? Does the job portal provider Privilege to Job Post creation facility? Will my Personal and Company’s information be secure if employer Post a Job at these job portals?

Following are the top qualities of a good job portal and if trailed prior to choose one to create an account you will be sure to select the best one for yourself.
1. Is the Job portal free or Charge for Employer? The first thing you want to check out is whether the portal is charging or not you to access and post for the jobs. Some job portals offer placement services and they are meant to be paid for. Employer can be expected to pay for job posting because they are expected that are financially set.
2. Are Professional Talent Hunters & Recruiters on the portal? The job portal you choose should also be open to an assortment of highly recognized recruiters and professional recruitment agencies and not only for Employer. This allows your Job Post to be analyzed by expert talent hunters looking for proficient and highly ambitious job Seeker.
3. Which respected employment agencies have accounts on the portal You can easily verify the best job portals for Employer by searching online for their popularity and checking out which respectable job seeker flow are using it too. Recruitment is a complicated process and job portals make it easy for both jobseekers and employers. The bigger the resume pool of the portal, the more popular it will be. As an Employer, you should go for a job portal where the best resumes are available.
4. Does the portal provide genuine & quality services The services provided by the portal and the quality of those services are the next important thing to consider. Superior quality job portals are easy to use and maneuver. Apply against Job alerts setup capability, placement services and regular content updates to assist the employer in increasing their lure and enhancing on shortcomings are all parts of a high quality jobs portal.
5. Is Registration complicated (is there Face book & Google Connects available) Registration should be an uncomplicated matter and the general maneuverability of the portal should be as easy as pie.

Job portal services for Job seekers

ImageFinding any job and a job of your choice are two entirely different things. If you have been working for a while and are dissatisfied with what you do, you would understand what I mean. So, whether you are someone who is planning to switch careers or someone who is a freshman and has just started his job search, there are certain steps which you need to follow in order to find one that matches your skills, liking and qualifications.

The job portal services, dramatically increases the response rate of an application and the services include those of fresh and experts who work with applicants to understand their goals and craft resumes that achieve results.

Today, one of the best ways to find a job is through Online Job Portal. There are some very good job Portal which list numerous jobs, industry-wise, salary-wise and on the basis of a candidate’s experience in his field of work. So to get a job, a person needs to register with them, find the ones which match his criteria and then apply for the same online. Another way is to hire the services of a recruitment agency. These agencies are the meeting grounds for employers and possible employees. They will inform you about the vacancies in various companies and then send you for interviews at the same.

Some of the best job posting sites are free and allow Job Seekers and employers to register in just a few simple steps. In fact, the need to fill multi part forms to Search a Job and advertise their listing is completely eliminated. Besides this, Job portal for Job seekers can now upload their CVs more easily and can search jobs by keywords, location or industry sectors.

These Job Portals are thus assured of an extensive database, which benefits the employee and employer. The fact these Job Portals allow job posting for at least a week you and that too without paying for anything gives thus providing the employers a significant advantage over other methods.