Everyone is aware of the significance of a strong first impression; for job seekers, it could make or break their chances.

The way you are seen as a candidate and potential employee is critical, especially when you have invested so much time and effort developing a personal brand.

As impressions go, resumes and interview skills should be no-brainers. Few will argue the importance of being seen as competent and experienced. Resumes should always be honest, readable and error free; interview performances are confident and well-practiced.

However, what if none of those are the first thing a potential employer sees? What appears when the recruiter or human resources department does a basic Google search prior to the interview? Would they find anything disqualifying? Who would be the judge?

In a growing number of cases, the online profile is the first thing employers learn about an applicant. Internet searches are easy to implement, so it is inevitable that they would go first to the web. Nothing is keeping a company from performing searches of publicly available information.

Of course, social media feeds are now commonplace; with that, images of indiscretions are just as common. Nearly all of us have something regretful posted online.  Is that an innocent mistake, or a sign of poor decision-making?

The problem for employers and job seekers alike are which activities will be reasonable (an occasional embarrassing photo, for example) and which can be deal breakers (say, bad-mouthing a business on Face book).

The growth of social media and how companies turn to the Internet to assess potential employees. This leads to a grey area and judgment calls; what is harmless and what are signs of trouble:

Party photos, Insensitive jokes< Foul language. Any employer who uses social media to research job candidates is probably used to stumbling upon such indiscretions by now.

The Internet offers companies a gold mine of information about potential hires—and much of it doesn’t make for a good first impression. As social media continues to grow in popularity, however, the challenge for employers is deciding which blunders are acceptable—and which are deal breakers…

How are you using social media for recruitment?

ImageToday, social media not only affects the majority of our personal lives, but also transforms ways to conduct business.

Now the age-old problem of finding new talent has changed. It is been brought into a new, exciting time through social media recruitment.

Every business, no matter what size, can benefit from social media recruitment.

It is something no business should avoid, especially if they want to appear in touch with today’s changing workplace.

A 2010 study 14 percent of companies did not use social media recruitment.

The reason?

They are not aware of how to start with social media; do not think they have the necessary resources; can’t do it effectively or see it as not worth their time. It could be that they have not seen what social media recruitment can do for them.

Some significant benefits social media recruitment can provide your business immediately:

Brand awareness

With the potential to reach millions of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest users, social media increases the visibility of your company, as well as the jobs. This increased range will have jobs noticed by a huge number of qualified candidates.

In addition, it will show the online community that the company is keeping with current trends.


Compared to traditional job advertisements, social media recruitment is a low-cost alternative. Money previously set aside for traditional hiring can contribute towards social media recruitment, giving you more “bang for your buck.”

Better quality hires

Early adopters of social media are in demand in today’s job market, perceived as more technically savvy, knowledgeable and innovative.

How to Ask for a Job

How to Ask for a Job: The Secrets of Asking for Work and Getting ItImage

Although it might seem like common sense, there are many ways to ask for a job and many ways to be effective. Conversely, when asking for a job, there are many ways not to be effective. Furthermore, there are many different situations when asking for a job is appropriate and other situations where it is not. There are also situations when how you ask for a job is very different. For instance, when you walk into a business out of the blue, the approach you take when asking for a job is very different than when you are at the end of an interview and you ask for the job.

Below is a look at different situations and approaches one should consider when asking for a job.

Ask for a job by walking into a place on a whim

  • I have done this and been successful, but it’s not for everybody and not everybody can pull it off. You need confidence and a compelling vision in many cases. Most of the time, the way to ask for a job when you walk into a place on a whim is to ask for an application. When you fill out an application, it is implicitly understood that you are asking for a job. However, in a competitive situation, sometimes it’s important to stand out from the crowd and asking a few questions so that you can talk to somebody of influence in a business can be compelling. Let’s say you walk into a “Best Buy” with the intention of applying for a sales position. Instead of simply asking for an application, you go to Customer Service and say: “If I were to apply for a sales position, who would do the hiring? Could I speak with that person?” If you’re fortunate enough to speak with the person, you could say something like: “Hi, my name is Steve and I’m going to apply for your sales position. I know it might not be normal to do this, but I love electronics and I think I could make a difference here. I’m excited about any opportunity to work here and look forward to meeting you again.” There are many versions of the above that could work well, but anything with personality that’s a bit unique or well though out would probably work. You just want to make the exchange quick and not appear weird or needy. In my own experience, I walked into the office of a local newspaper, asked to speak to the Entertainment Editor, then told him I thought he needed a film critic and that I would be the ideal candidate for the job. I ended up working there for the next ten years.

Ask for a job during an evaluation

  • Employers like people with ambition. An evaluation is always the opportunity to convey to your employer that you’d like to find more ways to contribute. An evaluation is effectively an interview for your next position at the company. In my experience, there are two types of people in these situations, those that ask what more they can do for the company and those that ask what more the company is going to do for them. The former are always willing to put in more effort and to take on more responsibility. The latter are always asking for more money before they’ve actually done anything more. When they’re offered more responsibility, they ask how much their raise is going to be. Not surprisingly, the former always get the promotions while the latter end up stuck. Sometime during your evaluation, say some version of the following: “What more can I do for the business? I’m interested in being the most valuable asset I can be and I feel like I have more to offer. I’m willing to do whatever it takes. I hope that if there are additional opportunities here, you’ll consider me.” There are lots of ways to say this and it’s something employers love to hear.

Ask for a job by networking

  • Although networking doesn’t usually involve directly asking somebody for a job, it has the same effect. By making contacts and communicating with people in fields that you are qualified to work in and by developing those relationships, those contacts are more likely to think of you when considering filling a position they may have. If they are familiar with your experience and resume, then when you find yourself in a position to ask for a job from one of them, you’ve already done a ton of work. Through networking, a potential employer may already know so much about you that asking for a job just turns out to be a formality. Networking is a continuously active way to pursue your professional interests and keep yourself relevant.

Ask for a job at the end of an interview

  • The opportunity to ask for a job at the end of a job interview is perhaps one of the most often missed opportunities for potential candidates. In fact, most interviewers are waiting for potential candidates to seize the opportunity to ask for the job. Now, this doesn’t mean saying “Can I have the job?” It means demonstrating through words that you want the job in a fairly direct way. It could be anything from a confident statement of how one’s qualifications perfectly match what a company may be looking for to a rah rah statement of enthusiasm. Frankly, I think the latter is often preferred, something along the lines of: “I’m very excited for the opportunities this position and this company offer. I believe I bring the right combination of skills and enthusiasm to this position and I hope that you offer me the position because I would very much like to work here. I love the environment and the people I’ve met seem fantastic.”

Ask for a job using thank you notes

  • Another frequently missed opportunity. This is old school, but remarkably effective. Taking the time to perform this simple courtesy will win you major points with a potential employer. Effectively, you repeat whatever statement you made at the end of the interview about wanting to work for your potential employer. A thank you note indicates a level of professionalism that most employers will recognize and appreciate and it gives you one, final chance to make another good impression.

Headhunting companies in Pakistan

ImageHeadhunting companies  are professional companies, online or otherwise, that attract, hire and develop people as leaders for the purpose of holding responsible positions in organizations and companies. The firm is hired by an organization or company, not the potential employment candidate.

The Headhunting companies headhunt for candidates based on identification of them as being suitable for such a potential position, qualified to do that position and able to provide a suitably aligned verbal or written presentation regarding their suitability for the position in question.

One of the most important tasks that a headhunting company entails is in assessing the fit aspect of the potential candidate to a specific position. It is important that this hunt is done efficiently, saves time and can identify key aspects of suitability such as qualifications, experience and the ability to lead.

The firm will usually contact possible candidates via telephone or text , which may have resulted from recommendations given to the firm by a third party within their firm. The best firms aim to provide hard work in their tasks of finding and updating their potential contact lists in order to begin quickly on any given new search and be able to promptly line up possible candidates. Also, the firm will use research techniques to find candidates who may also be employed by other companies in the field and position that their client has available. In fact, these firms have found that the best referrals have come to them through people who themselves could be potential candidates for the same position, but for personal or other reasons may not presently be seeking further employment.

Headhunting companies follow similar etiquette when it comes to phone calls to potential candidates in that they have a great deal of respect and will note the name of the person for future searches, if that person can recommend someone else for the position. In the end, the result can be that in future searches the firm will turn back to that same referee and end up with that person becoming a candidate for another position.

Most Headhunting companies use retained and contingent searches. Contingent searches are defined as a fee based search earned only the locating and presentation of a potential candidate to a client, or headhunting. The search is not about finding the exact fit, but more about finding a broad range of candidates for the client to choose from. This may or may not be contractual in nature and fees can be based on the first year’s salary that a hired candidate earns or Something else. Also, the client is not bound to one Headhunting company, allowing the client more flexibility, choice of candidates and ultimately more work in choosing the right one for their job position. It should be noted that with executive positions, this is not considered to be the ideal form of search. Retained searches are defined as a more structured and contracted search for specific candidates that fit the criteria for a particular job position, as defined by the client. Clients are usually bound by contract to use only the Headhunting company that they have assigned to the task, and the firm bases their search on clearly defined job styles, job experiences and skill sets. Generally speaking, this type of search generates repeat contracts from each client.

Headhunting companies are specifically designed to help varied employers or clients look for high level management or above job candidates that suit the specific needs of their job positions. Searches can involve networking with people already in similar positions for potential leads and the majority of these are done on retain, allowing for clearly defined job attributes versus the more random headhunting.

Executive search consultants

ImageExecutive search consultants have interesting but challenging jobs. At times, finding the right candidate for a company can be a bit like looking for a needle in a haystack. A fairly big gap can exist between the company needs and the Candidates wants and the consultant’s job of helping the two sides meet in the middle can be daunting.

A way to make the process much easier is to find highly qualified candidates with a vision and work style that matches the hiring company. In the past, that meant job fairs, newspaper ads, and a great deal of faxing in an effort to find qualified applicants.

But with the advent of email, the internet, twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and text messaging, finding candidates is becoming easier, allowing executive search consultants to find better qualified applicants faster. Rather than attend job fairs all over the country hoping to find top notch applicants and then being done with a search, a recruiter can launch a well designed website that allows people to add their resume online. With a 24 hour 7 day a week presence on the internet, a number of possible employees have access to the recruiter that might never have made it to a job fair.

Another technology that has made a world of difference for recruiters is email. No longer limited by fax machines, Email is also a great tool for tracking information, allowing the recruiter to know what details were sent and when. Negotiations are well documented and an email conversation can happen quickly and easily, allowing decisions to be discussed thoroughly even within the time pressure of a job search.

Texting is another useful tool for consultants. Being able to sit in an office meeting and at the same time send a short bit of information to a candidate regarding a change of an interview location makes all the difference. Twitter and LinkedIn is also finding its way into the awareness of executive search consultants as it allows them to distribute information to all their clients and candidates with a minimum of effort.

Technology has speed up the recruitment process but it’s also improved the results. It’s easier than ever to find the right candidate for a job and make the hiring company as well as the new employee thrilled with the perfect match.

Payroll Processing Services

ImagePayroll Services Help Businesses Save Costs

Payroll services help businesses save costs and streamline their operations. But how is this exactly achieved? Can you, as a small or medium-sized organization, really look to benefit from payroll outsourcing? Or is payroll processing something you better handle yourself?

Any kind of outsourcing is all about offloading your company’s responsibilities to expert hands. That is obviously a huge advantage, if the charges are lesser than the costs you’d have to incur by your business handling the responsibility by itself. The more extensive the responsibilities outsourced, the greater the costs and resources saved. Payroll processing is one such extensive responsibility.

Importance of Payroll Services

Payroll services form part of human resource management, which deals with effective management of one of your most important assets, your people. Their motivation and effective performance is vital to the productivity of your organization and its long term health. It is therefore important to ensure that payroll, which deals with not only handing their paychecks but also related tax filing responsibilities, is handled well.

Outsourcing Payroll Processing Is Only Beneficial

Though payroll administration is important for every Organization, it is basically a non-core task that does not directly deal with a company’s main business.

• If an organization would handle payroll and other HR management responsibilities by itself, it would need to set apart manpower and resources for it.

• For small and medium-sized organizations that could be particularly tough.

• Not only would it consume too many resources, but would also sometimes lead your organization to lose focus from its core tasks.

With payroll outsourcing though, those worries can be negated and you can have more resources for your core processes. You can also ensure greater efficiency in payroll administration and the related tax filing tasks. These need to be done well to prevent legal penalties. You can get your workforce devoted to your core business which will directly influence productivity and earnings.

A Reliable Payroll Services Provider Makes the Difference

It all depends on the payroll services by a reliable payroll provider or a PEO. The PEO is capable of handling payroll processing and other comprehensive HR management responsibilities. Corporate payroll services by a PEO are customizable to meet the unique requirements every organization based on its size, earnings, scale of operation, geographic spread of employees, and other factors. The experts at the PEO can understand your needs, expectations and goals and provide payroll services that are just right for your organization.

Corporate payroll services help reduce your operating costs and enable your organization to attain greater economies of scale. With more focus on your core processes your functioning gets streamlined, your staff gets monitored more effectively so that their performance builds up and you get to increase your productivity and earnings at lesser costs. This is how payroll services help businesses save costs and streamline their operations.

Recruitment Agencies in Pakistan

ImageAs an employer, the most important thing that you should be concerned about most is the easiest way to get the best employees. This is absolutely imperative since your employees will always have a direct impact on the success of your business. This is why most employers have resorted to hiring Recruitment agencies . This is a special program designed to help employers carry out their recruitment exercises online. Most reputable companies no longer rely on the traditional way of recruitment where candidates were required to drop their application letters and certificates physically at the company offices. With this Recruitment Process, candidates are able to send their certificates to the employer at the touch of a button.

There are numerous benefits of using the online Recruitment Services. For instance, it helps employers to reduce the cost of conducting interviews. Physical recruitment comes with additional costs since you have to hire an office and a panel of human resource managers. It is also cumbersome and time consuming. But when you use the online Recruitment Services, you will be able to interview a large number of applicants without having to spend thousands of Rupees renting an office. Another benefit of online recruitment solutions is that they speed up the recruitment process. With these solutions, you can interview tens of applicants in a single day. This means that you won’t have to waste your time waiting for the new employees to be interviewed. You can now complete the recruitment process in one day or two depending on the number of applicants you are dealing with and the seriousness of the interview.

What is more, the online e-Recruitment can provide even more effective human resource functionality. These functions may include employee assessment, on boarding, performance management, and more. With these solutions, you will be able to make informed decisions on potential employees. Furthermore, this Recruitment Solution makes it easy for employers to access employee’s data as well as monitor new applicants. You won’t have to go through thousands of applications looking for an applicant who matches your job requirements. This system will browse through the available applications to give you the exact type of applicant you wish to have. That way, you are assured of hiring a team of employees that can enable your organization to realize its objectives. Most online recruitment programs are designed in such a way that the user can easily tell when there is a new applicant. This in turn makes it easy for the employer to find employees who match the current job requirements.

Another benefit of online Recruitment Solution is the amount of control it gives employers. Users are able to control the entire recruitment process. This system is able to categorize applicants according to their salaries, qualifications, levels of experience, and so on. Consequently, the employer has enough time to concentrate on other equally important matters. This also saves the employer money since they do not have to rent premises where they can do the interview.

Human Resource Information System (HRIS)

HRIS is short for Human Resources Information System. The more workers you have—the more it makes sense to add a Human Resources Information System to your organization. It can facilitate two major items: HR and Payroll. Let’s review how an HRIS can help your organization and several of its advantages.Image

How HRIS Helps Your Organization

  • Efficiently handle HR tasks related to benefits, payroll and accounting.
  • Closely plan, control and manage HR expenses.
  • Increase efficiency and quality of HR decision-making.
  • Enhance productivity for managers and front-line employees.
  • Streamline the recruiting process.
  • Manage attendance in real-time.
  • Improve communication within your organization.
  • Track training and succession planning.

Advantages to HRIS Systems

  • Customized to an organization’s unique needs.
  • Integrated databases.
  • Useful reporting functions and evaluation capabilities.
  • Automated alerts for things like performance reviews, expiring certifications and benefits enrollment.
  • Convenient self-service access to employees for viewing pay stubs, work schedules and benefits.
  • Handles time-off requests, tax detail modifications, changes of address, benefits enrollment, etc.

Many HRIS systems can be adapted and implemented for your organization quite quickly—depending on the size of your workforce and the scale of the project. An HRIS System is a  e-square HR tool and has various uses—it has the capacity to become a major contributor to the success of your organization.

Hire online free in Pakistan

Latest just proves that online activities are also being scattered nowadays. Therefore, we have concluded to build and introduce a wide market with the proper utilization of online and web search. This is achievable by hiring and enjoying the benefits of Hiring Online. They are merely needed most of the time because they could make the business activities free from delays and failures. Hiring online free is giving us is very useful and remarkable to achieve and fulfill our business. The benefits of hiring an online really play a challenging task but yet possessing an extra ordinary skills and abilities.

Employ Hiring online free has immeasurable benefits on the part of the customers or the people who will be requiring a full assistance in executing a variety of jobs. They can truly assure to offer a very good, reliable and fast service. As a result, outsourcing the business related tasks from online virtual assistant will definitely be time and money worth. They will conduct an endless and unlimited research based on your business needs and preferences. This is a good deal money worth wise and you will be relieve of pressure. The Hiring online can do the rest of the job in accordance with the exact details and information that the business personnel will provide. They can absolutely provide information for your ongoing projects, business transactions and other numerous tasks to run your business successfully. It will save time, money and effort on your end. They could probably maintain the freshness of the activities by means of avoiding repetitive or redundant quality of information. Hiring online free would be the greatest right hand of the business personnel even thought they have just to talk or meet online. They could maximize the given time by researching certain facts vividly, studying the projects and developing strategies on writing articles, responding to electronic mails, answering phone calls, entering data and other administrative tasks.

So what are you waiting for? Come to think of it! You do not have actually to think, just immediately hire an effective and efficient Online hiring for the beneficial sake of your business transactions and at the same time building a credible and reliable name in a business world. The Hiring online will be producing a pleasing criterion to start the activities uniquely. Then, they will be creating also valuable and effective tools to end/finish odd jobs. The benefits and recognitions are being achieved of both parties, the Hiring online and the Customers itself. It is about time to alter your old practice wasting a lot of times in front of the computer trying to rush everything. In a business world, they hate to rush but absolutely no choice because it is part of the job to earn and gain more profit to satisfy the customers. Nevertheless, hire Online to perform your business activities faster at least possible cost. You MUST hurry now. The Hiring online free are just some clicks away.

Free online job portal in Pakistan

After passing out from the colleges in Pakistan, every students dream will be to get into a job in some big company. There are people who have ambitious plans about their future and the next step is to apply For a Job Free online. However, How to Find Job is a million dollar question as getting into the right job and at the right time is a great matching task. You may not always end up at the right employer. Job hunt is a major task and the best way to do that is through online job portals in Pakistan.

Such portals have numerous job vacancies like Medical Jobs, accountant jobs, clerical and Management jobs. Job Assistant, marketing jobs, Law Jobs, consultants, IT jobs, MBA Jobs and lot more. They follow a step by step approach in selecting the right candidate for the right position. You can put up your resume and apply for jobs of your choice. Also the corporate, rather than depending on the newspaper advertisement and other such traditional media are making use of the only jobs to search for the right candidate.

Steps involved in applying job online

Sign up

The first and foremost step is simple and easy. Fill in the details like your educational qualification, technical experience, special achievements, awards received, previous industrial experience and also other personal details. After this your name gets registered in the official portal of the job finder sites.

Match your profile with the job

The job finder is then so designed that it picks up the vital information from your Resume and Cover Letter and matches them with the available list of jobs. Such a list of jobs is sent to your email id frequently as and when the jobs get updated. Depending upon the job details you have the option of either applying it or posting a not interested reply. If you click on apply, the site automatically send you application along with the resume to the concerned person.

Resume and cover letter

Resume must be properly designed so that it attracts the reader instantly. The employers get the first impression from your resume, so make sure you include all the details that are vital and make it more appealing.